Our Story

In 2014, a group of medical directors led by Dr. Berto Lopez, established Our Daily Vites, a supplement company that specializes in custom blends. Dr. Lopez, who boasts over 50 years of vitamin supplement research and 45 years of medical director experience, had been a close friend of the company founders and had even delivered their children.

The founders’ struggle with infertility led them to explore the best supplement for fertility. Their research led them to discover that L-methylfolate was the most effective supplement due to a genetic mutation that prevents folic acid absorption. They personally benefited from this supplement and have since had four children since incorporating it into their daily routine.

Our Daily Vites aims to educate and assist others struggling with infertility and depression by advocating the benefits of L-methylfolate in their daily supplement routine. The company’s mission is to provide high-quality, custom blend supplements that can help people achieve better health and wellness.